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KEI-095 Product Brochure


Model KEI-095 Pictured With An Optional Heads Up Display

     The KEI-095 Brake Pedal Tester performs vehicle brake system benchmarking with very little setup time.  These benchmarks can be used to compare (like, different, or competitors) vehicle brake travel, effort, and pressures.  These values are displayed on an LCD and stored in battery backed RAM for future download to a PC for SPC.  Testing brake pedal travel has traditionally been done in the past with string pots.  They 1.) are very difficult to attach under the I.P. and 2.) measure linear travel where arc travel is the true representative length.  Kemkraft has made brake pedal testing faster and easier by utilizing an angle transducer that clips onto the side of a brake pedal.  The operator inputs the brake arm length into the keypad and when a test is performed, the KEI-095 calculates, displays and stores the brake pedal arc length.  A second angle transducer is placed onto the passenger floor which compensates for vehicle pitch and also calculates the vehicles G force during the stop.  The keypad, on the face of the unit, selects operator options and sets the clock for date and time stamp of each test.  The transducers and cables store in the lid for easy transporting.
     The KEI-095HUD Heads Up Display allows the operator to display a target value and display the actual value for travel, effort, or pressure.  The analog bargraph display has 2 analog bars, the top bar gives the user a visual indication of the target value and the bottom bar gives the user a real-time visual indicator of the actual measurement.  This allows the operator to quickly make braking corrections for more consistent testing.

Power Requirements: 12 20 VDC
Angle Range: +/- 60 Degrees
Operating Temp Range: 40 deg F 120 deg F
Sampling Rate: 10 Samples per Second
Serial Interface: RS-232-C Uploads Standard ASCII File, Interface program supplied

KEI-095 System: 095 unit, 2) angle sensors w/ fixtures & cal stand + effort sensor
KEI-095A System: Same as 095 system + pressure sensor (for master cylinder)
KEI-095B System: Same as 095A system + 4) pressure sensors (for four brakes)
KEI-095HUD: Heads Up Display w/ 2) analog bargraph for monitoring real-time events
KE095RT: Real Time Download software update
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Last Modified 12/20/06