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KEI-469 Product Brochure

Model 469 Microprocessor based Sunroof Controllers / Testers

Model KEI-469 Window Tester

The above pictures display two different options for sunroof controlling and testing.  Kemkraft Engineering, Inc., designs, and manufactures, analog, digital, and microprocessor based custom test equipment.  Sunroof testing is just one example of the many types of current based test systems that we have designed, and built.

The above left picture displays a Kemkraft model 469 Sunroof Tester.  It was designed to be towed by the sunroof, on the assembly line, to control, and test, the sunroof.  Current Limits are set within the tester to determine Pass or Fail on the assembly line.  The current limits can be changed by uploading, them through the serial port, with a PC.  As you can also see, in the picture, Kemkraft designs, and builds, custom product test connectors.  The tester has an LCD display to prompt the operator through the test procedures.  The LCD also displays the running current and the test limits.  The unit can test different types of sunroofs on the same assembly line.

The above right picture displays an example of a current based tester in a Nema enclosure.  This type of enclosure / tester, would be utilized on the assembly line hanging on a conveyor.

We design circuitry, circuit boards, complete units, and write the application software all in house.  Kemkraft has complete design, and build, capabilities.  We look forward to quoting a design and/or build project for you today.

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Last Modified 02/21/06