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Design & Manufacture of Electro-Mechanical Test Equipment

Engineering: · Circuitry Design · Mechanical Design · Software Development
· Schematic Drawings · Tooling Design · Custom Products
· Circuit Board Layouts · Urethane Mold Designs · Technical Manuals
Manufacturing: · Circuit Board Assembly · Tooling / Fixturing · Complete Machine Shop
· Wire Harness Assembly · Mechanical Details · Quality Assurance Testing
· Electro-Mechanical Assembly · Urethane Molds / Parts · CMM Certification
Services: · On-Site Service · Technical Support · Training Classes

Custom durability testers
designed to your specifications

World Headquarters

RF Wireless steering wheel torque

Custom designed test connectors
and/or cables

Full machine shop w/ CNC machines

Steering wheel audit tools, including
Angle and/or Torque

Equipment based on customer
needs and/or specifications

Industrial shop floor PC cabinets with
custom written software

Steering wheel inclinometer tools
Kemkraft Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified Michigan Corporation whose main focus is to develop and maintain strong customer relationships by providing them with the highest quality services while utilizing the most cost effective methods possible.
Through the years we have also developed strong relationships with our suppliers therefore allowing greatly reduced material costs and enhancing product availability.

Being that we work in a fast paced high-tech industry, Kemkraft Engineering also promotes internal flexibility to meet with our customers’ possible change in priorities.

Kemkraft Engineering welcomes your telephone calls of inquiry concerning any and/or all of our capabilities listed above

If you do not see a service that you are seeking, please Contact us.

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