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Models 200A & 234 Obsolete Battery Bulletin

To: Users of Models 200A & 234
From: Engineering
Date: December 7, 2006
Re: Obsolete Battery Packs

The Nickel Cadmium Prismatic batteries, in models 200 and 234ís have been discontinued.

We previously purchased all existing stock, we cannot buy them any longer. 

We can purchase Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Prismatic battery packs for your units. 

Models 200 & 234ís require a mandatory battery pack / fast charger upgrade.
The Good News: Charge time = approx 1 hour, with extended battery life.
The Bad News: Mandatory upgrades to 200 & 234ís if you require new battery packs.

Please order upgrades, listed below, and send your tools in for the upgrade.

Part #
04-5000 NiMh Prismatic battery pack + unit upgrade $ 325.00 ea.
04-5001 NiMh Prismatic battery pack + unit upgrade + fast charger $ 425.00 ea.
04-016 NiMh Prismatic battery pack $  95.50 ea.
25-051 Fast Charger with 2.5mm connector $ 100.00 ea.

How to determine if your model 200 or 234 needs the mandatory battery pack / fast charge upgrade.

If the battery pack in your tool is labeled part number 04-006, KE200G2, KE200BP or KE200ABP it is obsolete and the tool needs the mandatory battery pack / fast charger upgraded.  

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